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Home Exterior Services

Roofing, siding, windows, and doors.

The exterior of your home includes roofing, siding, windows, and doors.

Metal roofs have become a prominent choice lately. There are different styles and options available including over 100 colors. A metal roof provides longevity for your roof, therefore understanding the options is necessary for the homeowner. If a metal roof is not your choice, there are other options of roofing such as shingle and tile roofing.

The color of your home is something that people notice first. Modernizing the exterior of your home can be done with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is used more than any other siding material due to the cost, and the fact that there is little maintenance required for its upkeep. Vinyl siding will never need to be painted as the color is embedded into the material, saving you money throughout the years to come.

If your windows are outdated you may choose to replace them. Newer windows come in different styles, but the most important reason is saving energy. Energy-efficient windows will save you money on your utility bills. The durability of your window is important as you want it to keep the cold from the outside out of your home during the winter, as well as the heat out during the summer months. Windows are the barrier between the interior and exterior of your home.